iLearnPro FAQs

LMS and iLearnPro Basics

  • What is a learning management system?

    A learning management system is a software (like iLearnPro) that is designed to build and host online learning materials as courses and to track the progress of those enrolled.

  • What are the benefits of using a learning management system?

    There are many benefits to using a learning management system from a business perspective.

    First and foremost, it allows you to keep a record of your policies, procedures and business philosophies.

    Second, it allows you to consistently present that information to all existing and new employees. One-on-one training can be invaluable, but it works a lot like a game of telephone. Some information can get lost in translation. Learning management systems deliver the same information, the same way to every trainee.

    A third major benefit of utilizing a learning management system is coordinating new training without disrupting operations. With a system like iLearnPro, your staff can train from anywhere, anytime... which is a lot easier than arranging a lengthy mandatory meeting during or after business hours.

  • Who can benefit from using iLearnPro?

    Any business or organization that requires training and cooperation can benefit from purchasing iLearnPro.

    Its low starting price point makes it perfect for groups that need just the basics to start getting organized.

    Courses in iLearnPro can be viewed at any point after purchase, so it makes it great for building reference manuals, training users on specific topics and communicating HR concerns. Interactive media like YouTube videos, graphics and SlideShare presentations embedded within courses can optimize the learning experience for all kinds of learners. Exams within courses measure whether users are absorbing the material. And the shared file system makes it ideal for posting announcements and updates.

  • Is iLearnPro mobile compatible?

    Yes! iLearnPro is a web application that uses a responsive design.

    You can access iLearnPro on any device with full web browsing capabilities- including smart phones, tablets, netbooks and laptops. There are no apps to download. All users need is an internet connection and a browser and they can train on the go!

  • What are my support options?

    1. You can find a comprehensive user manual located in the help section of your account.

    2. Additional support documentation and videos can be found in our help center.

    3. You can contact support by filling out our contact form, by email and by phone.

  • Is there multi-language support?

    No. iLearnPro and its support system are designed and presented in the English Language.

Available Features

  • Can I easily restrict registration?

    Yes! Registration can be restricted for general use and per organization.

    How? You can set up iLearnPro to require a registration code to sign up for a student/user account.

  • Can I assign roles to users to restrict access?

    Yes! There are three basic roles in the iLearnPro software.

    1. Account Administrators have full access to iLearnPro's features and settings including course design, user management and account settings.

    2. Organization Managers have access to user information within their organization.

    3. Users have access only to the learning interface, where they can enroll and take courses and access files in the shared file system.

    Additionally, any system user can also be associated with user groups, which restrict the courses available to them in the course catalog.

  • Can I use my own branding in iLearnPro?

    Yes, absolutely!

    While your account is hosted on, it can be linked to your webpage for easy access with a simple button and the URL of your sign-in page! Your account can be fully branded using a background image/watermark, your logo and custom theme colors.

  • Can I sell courses with iLearnPro?

    Of course! (No pun intended.)

    Why shouldn’t you get paid for your expert knowledge? You can use select payment gateways to bill enrollees for course registration. You must set up a compatible gateway to process online payments for courses. Contact support for more  information about compatible gateways!

  • Does iLearnPro have a course progression system?

    Not at this time.

    iLearnPro does not have a built-in progression or learning path system for courses.

  • Does iLearnPro support the use of virtual classrooms?

    No, virtual classrooms are not supported.

    iLearnPro is designed in textbook format and does not have tools such as virtual interactive classrooms or live learning broadcasts. You can, however, add recordings hosted on another service using an iFrame.

  • Does iLearnPro present course takers with certificates of completion?

    No. There are no certificates.

    iLearnPro tracks course completion, but it does not have a feature that supports the distribution of certificates of completion.

  • Does iLearnPro have a built-in communications or notification system?

    No. There is not an integrated chat, forum or email system.

    However, email addresses within the system have a built-in MailTo link which allows you to open your own default email inbox for quick email communications.

    The home page of iLearnPro also contains welcome text, which you can use to include important notifications or reminders for all course takers.

  • Can I purchase pre-loaded course content?

    Not at this time.

    We are definitely looking into creating our own content to help our customers get going! But in the mean time, we ask that you only sell or share original content or content that you have purchased a license to distribute in an electronic and/or print format.

Signup & Pricing

  • Is there a free trial of iLearnPro?

    No. We do not currently offer a free trial. 

    But if you would like to see the system in action, you can email or call in to request a demo from one of our staff members!

  • Is there a setup fee?

    There are no setup fees.

    All setup, including adding users, creating courses, etc., is the responsiblity of the person or persons purchasing the software subscription. Therefore, there is no setup fee.

  • What are the terms and agreements for using iLearnPro?

    Content, Attribution & Courtesy

    iLearnPro is a tool designed for you to create and share content based on your knowledge and expertise. Never sell or share content that you do not own or have license to distribute.

    For publicly available content (commonly referred to as creative commons works) we ask that you always responsibly attribute any third party knowledge or lessons to their rightful owners and never infringe on another persons' intellectual or physical/copyrighted property. Never try to pass off another's original work as your own.

    For tips, resources and details on how to properly attribute publicly available information, click here.

    Billing Agreements

    A brief overview of our billing policy: By placing card information on file for an iLearnPro subscription, you acknowledge that you are responsible for any bills incurred up until the point of confirmed cancellation of services. Your subscription rate for iLearnPro will be billed $99 monthly.

    Click here to review our full Terms of Use Agreement.

    Click here to review our Privacy Policy.

  • Does iLearnPro charge a cancellation fee?

    There is no cancellation fee for iLearnPro.

    However, you are responsible for any bills incurred (in thier entirety) before the date of your account cancellation. We do not prorate fees for our services.

    Each bill for iLearnPro covers access to your account for the month or 30 days following the billing date. To get the most out of your subscription, it is recommended that you contact an iLearnPro representative approximately one week before your next billing date to schedule a cancellation and ensure that you do not get billed again.

Security, Compatibility & Integrations

  • Can I import courses?

    No. iLearnPro does not support course imports.

    But adding courses to iLearnPro was made as simple as possible. The textbook style layout used allows you to create a course with different sections that contain lessons (with one or more pages) and exams.

    That means creating your course from a PowerPoint or PDF can be as easy as copying and pasting what you see into the correct page of the course! Or if you prefer, you can save your PowerPoints and PDFs as images and place those directly into the pages of a lesson.

  • Does iLearnPro integrate with any authoring, communications or data collection tools?

    Not at this time. 

    Creating Content & Embedding Media

    If you have already used a third party authoring tool to develop course content, course creation can be as simple as copying and pasting information into the pages of lessons, inserting links and making minor formatting changes. Additionally, you can upload whole files to the shared file system or directly to courses as course resources for easy access. Even embed presentations and videos using an embedded iFrame from popular services such as YouTube, Vimeo or SlideShare. 


    Emails within iLearnPro are also displayed with a MailTo link, so that you can easily click and begin typing email communications with any user using the default email account settings on your computer or device.

  • Does iLearnPro have an API?

    There is not currently an API to allow for advanced integrations.

    All iLearnPro information is tracked and stored within the iLearnPro interface, without external display options.

  • Does iLearnPro use SCORM or the Tin Can API?

    No. iLearnPro does not use Tin Can or any other form of SCORM to track the details of the student experience.

    Student interaction tracking within iLearnPro is limited to page views in course progression.

    Other non-tracked interactions with courses include course resource downloads and interactions with any embedded media on the page. Meanwhile, the absorption of the course material is measured with exams, which can be used as frequently as desired to encourage maximum learning potential.