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With iLearnPro's numerous features, your business can easily train staff and students without having to compromise your day-to-day operations.

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  • Simple Registration

    Staff members or organizations can use an email address and a confidential registration code to sign up and access course content provided by your business.

  • Dynamic Reporting

    Quickly access past orders, course progress, course completion and user information with easy to use filters and navigation!

  • Course Authoring

    Create courses with a textbook style layout and include embedded videos, graphics, tables, exams and more to emphasize learning!

  • Custom Branding

    Use logos, water marks, accent colors and more to brand the interface!

  • Student/User Roles

    Assign roles to staff members to allow course editing and student management.

  • Organization Management

    Create organizations and appoint managers to track orders and progress!

  • Shared File System

    Upload files as staff resources either system-wide or on a course by course basis!

  • Profit from your Expertise

    Price courses for external organizations to purchase course content!
    *Requires gateway integration

  • User Groups

    Create and assign user groups to restrict course availability.

  • Automated Emails

    Students receive automated emails when they register, checkout through the shopping cart and complete courses!

  • Mobile Access

    Staff members can learn on the go with our mobile-friendly design! Access courses with phones, tablets or computers!