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Creating and Editing Course Content

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How are Courses Organized?

Design - Courses in iLearnPro are laid out like a textbook for easy organization. They are comprised of Sections and each section can include both Lessons and Exams. When viewing a course in the course catalog, students can view the course outline to get a basic idea of the content of the course. This outline is built automatically from the titles of sections, lessons and exams. Also available from this view are course resources, which are additional documents you may want to include for course takers. They can be resources for your course content, assignments or other files!

Course Progress - As each student views course material, they gain the ability to look back at specific lessons from the course outline. However, students cannot jump ahead using the course outline without first reviewing the course information in the order that it is presented. Additionally, students must achieve a passing level on each exam to move forward through the course material.


Create a Section

Sections are a good way to separate broad topics of discussion within the same course. At least one section is required to add lessons and exams to your course.

To create a section, follow these instructions:

1. Click + Add Section.
2. Enter a Title for the section.
3. Click Save.

NOTE: Under the new section are options to +Add Lesson and +Add Exam. To edit the section title use the gear icon.


Create a Lesson

Lessons are a good way to group content about different subtopics within a section. Lessons contain pages that the student/user must navigate through to read the content of the course.

To create a lesson, follow these instructions:

1. Under a section, click + Add Lesson.
2. Enter a Title for the lesson.
3. Click Save.
4. The lesson will appear. Click on the New Lesson.

5. In the Lesson Editor, begin by adding your first page title. Page Titles are required to succssfully save any changes to the page content.
6. Add content to the first page using the built in Text Editor. Insert text, tables, images and video with the tools provided.

7. Save changes to each page.
8. Use + Add Page to insert pages into the lesson. Navigate and re-order pages on the left menu.

NOTE: Preview the lesson using the Preview button or click Back to Course to continue creating course content.


Create an Exam

Exams are tests over material covered in the lessons of a course. Each exam is assigned a minimum passing score. Each exam question is worth one point. Exam scores determine the final course grade.

To create an exam, follow these instructions:

1. Click + Add Exam.
2. Enter a Title for the exam.
3. Enter a Minimum Passing Score.
4. Click Save. You will be redirected to the exam editor.
5. Click on + Add Question.
6. Enter an exam Question.
7. Add multiple choice Answers.
8. Mark the correct answer using the radio buttons.
9. Click Save.
10. From the Exam Editor screen, finish adding questions until the exam is complete.
11. To Order Questions differently from the order in which they were entered, simply drag and drop the questions that appear in the list.

NOTE: You can preview the exam from the top right corner. When finished creating the exam, use the course title link at the top of the page to navigate back to the course editor screen. Users will be able to retake the exam until they achieve a passing score.


Add Course Resources

You can add additional Resources such as documents, videos and other files to the course for students to view or download.
Add Resources from the Course Edit screen by following these instructions:

1. Click + Add Resource.
2. Enter a Title for the resource.
3. Enter a Description for the resource- such as its purpose or where it’s referenced in course materials.
4. Use Choose File to select the file or document from your computer.
5. Click Save to begin the upload.