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Managing Students or Users

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Managing Individual Users

In iLearnPro, you can view a complete list of students or users in your account from the Students page.

Most user management tools can be performed by simply clicking on the name of a student to view their User Info or profile.

To manage an individual student or user, click on his/her name to view their profile or User Info.

1. Disable a student to prevent him/her from logging in.
2. Reset a password. Sends an email to have the person update his/her own password.
3. Set a password. Manually enter a new login password. Student is notified but the password is not included.
4. Edit Student information or user groups.
5. Delete the student. To delete a student, all enrollments must first be deleted. Deletion is permanent.

NOTE: We refer to all users, regardless of their role, as Students because every person entered into the system can register for and take a course.


Password Help

Password help is about the most common question when it comes to software. This short video will give you all of the options for resetting a user's password!


Creating User Groups

The only tool for managing multiple users in iLearnPro is User Groups. User Groups are labels that are created and attached to both users and courses. Individuals assigned to a user group can only register for courses that either have no user groups or their user group attached to the course. Each user and course can have multiple user groups assigned to it.

To create a User Group, go to Admin Settings>User Groups.

1. Click on Add User Group.

2. Enter a Title for the user group.

3. Enter a Description for the group.

4. Click on Add.


STEP 1: Attaching User Groups to Courses

To assign a user group to a course, go to Course Catalog>All Courses>Select a Course>Settings.

To edit the course settings:
1. Select a User Group from the dropdown on the right.
2. Click +Add to Group. Changes are saved automatically.


STEP 2: Attaching User Groups to Students

To assign a user group to a student, go to Students>Student Name>Edit Student.

3. Select a User Group from the dropdown on the right.
4. Click +Add to Group.
5. Repeat for any additional user groups.
6. Save the user.

NOTE: Once a user group has been added to a course or student, a red ‘X’ button will display next to the name of the user group for easy removal.