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Registration from the Login Page

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Self-Registration or Signing Up from the Login Page

Users can create their own accounts from the login page if they have a valid Registration Code!
To begin, go to

  1.  Enter your Email Address.
  2.  Choose "No, I am a new customer."
  3.  Click Register.
  4.  On the form, fill out the Name, Registration Code, and Password fields.
  5.  Click Register again.
  6.  Check your inbox for a confirmation email to verify your new user profile.

Follow the verification link, then complete the following steps:

  1. Enter your desired Password.
  2. Confirm by entering it again.
  3. Click the Set Password button.


NOTE: Your training center login page is located at This page is designed to be added as a link to the business' website, so there is no login terminal at